MiNT SLR670α

MiNT SLR670α instant film camera

The innovative MiNT SLR670α merges the best functions and features of Polaroid SX-70 and SLR680 into a sleek, stylish body. It works with both 600 film and SX-70 film.

The variable shutter speed and fixed aperture are perfectly tuned to work with ISO 600 film. The high ISO performance coupled with an advanced shutter and brightness control gives you incomparable results under any lighting condition.

Faster shutter speed, better performance.

SLR670α shutter is 6x faster than the SX-70 camera. You can take superior pictures using high sensitivity film.

Shoot under any lighting condition.

Up to 80% less blurry pictures. Shoot under any lighting condition.

Compose your masterpiece with SLR670α. Don't worry about camera shake. It's easy for you to take photos with friends on any occasion with this highly sensitive camera.

Best Mirrors for the best Photos

SLR670α houses the best mirrors from SLR cameras to capture scenes in stunning detail. The split circle in the viewfinder also allows you to precision focus like the original SX-70.

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